SMartCamp: Social Media Art Camp

I’m on a break from SMartCAMP, and wow! is it fabulous to hear some of the speakers so far. The opening presentation by Marc Schiller, of Wooster Collective, reminds me of why I love blogging.

Schiller stumbled into blogging because he was looking for a way to host photographs he had taken of street art in his neighborhood, the West Village, while walking his dog. Since then, the blog he has created with his wife Sara has become an authority on street art that mainstream media turns to for content. Schiller still runs the project as a passion rather than a job, and it’s well-worth checking out if you aren’t familiar with the site.

Favorite Quote: “It’s okay to be a bit crap, as long as you are sincere and honest.”

If you want in on the action, check out the live stream on the website or the conversation on twitter by searching #smartcamp. I’m @linnea_west. This afternoon is focused on video and putting them online–perfect timing for my video of Scope and hopefully Pulse. The art fairs have been amazing so far, even more so to me after being on the island for 3 months.

However, it’s not for long. I just booked my ticket for Mexico, and I leave this Tuesday morning. I’ll probably be there a couple months–which just might be enough time to catch you up on all the art I’ve seen! Quick judgments: Whitney Biennial can be skipped, William Kentridge at MoMA cannot, Independent is interesting if chaotic, Scope better than Verge, and hopefully I’ll be able to say something about Pulse, Armory, and Volta soon!

5 thoughts on “SMartCamp: Social Media Art Camp

  1. Have so much to say!

    Yes, Wooster is fantastic…always new and different

    Whitney, well..I agree with Saltz in many ways, but it just felt flat as a whole…lacked vitality…I’ll have to explain it better in a real post

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