Speaking of trees: Color and Season

The Park. Gustav Klimt

Speaking of trees, something about the end of the season has me nostalgic for the lush green leaves of summer. Here are my favorite summer trees…all green with no hint of the coming autumn. Pisarro’s colors especially just glow with a warm energy.

Ferry on a River. Salomon van Ruysdael
Chestnut Trees at Osny. Camille Pisarro

Fontainebleau: Oak Tree at Bas Brea. Camille Corot
Promenade Among the Olive Trees. Henri Matisse

Matisse’s colors are like a swan song. Then Monet’s pale colors and then Mondrain’s stark palette speak of the coming winter.

Four Trees. Claude Monet
Grey Tree. Piet Mondrain
But no point in thinking about that now. The leaves haven’t started dropping yet, and tonight should be a great kick off to the New York Fall art season, with lots of great gallery openings, including a group showat Friedrich Petzel Gallery and Nathan Carter at Casey Kaplan.

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  1. Thanks. Yes, the Klimt is fantastic. It’s actually jsut an medium sized painting, but in my head I image it huge…wall size…with all those careful details in the green almost overwhelming me…ahhh

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