Street View: L.E.S. and Williamsburg

Walking around the East Village yesterday this large mural caught my eye at 6th and A. I’ve never noticed it before. It reads “Restrticted Area: For Humans Only.” It evens gives you a phone number to call to report non-humans, but I didn’t try it.

I did a lot of walking yesterday–from the East Village, to the High Line festival on the West side (where there was an hour line to go up), to the East River Park in Williamsburg for a free concert, to dinner by McCarren Pool park. What a great New York summer Sunday!

“Bang,” below, was in Williamsburg and turned out to be an advertisement for a drum school.

2 thoughts on “Street View: L.E.S. and Williamsburg

  1. I love that ‘For Humans Only’ campaign. I’ve seen it painted in random spots all over town. They’re for a new movie coming out in August called “District 9” (

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