Terrible Tuesday

I’ve have not discovered the antidote to Terrible Tuesdays, in which one is plagued by rain, catastrophe, and nincompoops. Hot chocolate doesn’t cut it. However, pictures of teacup pigs come pretty close. Teacup pigs are the cutest housepet ever. Full stop.

Apparently they make great pets, as they only grow to about 30 lbs and can be litter trained. They are intelligent, live 18+ years, and are very loving. So loving in fact, they recommend you get a pair so that they are never alone. Unfortunately, they cost about $1,000, I’m not sure that they are available in the States, and there is a law in New York City against farm animals that extends to mini versions. However, they are almost cute enough to make me forget that I am wet and cranky right now.

My new desktop picture–desperate times call for desperate measures.

8 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. Bonus points for use of nincompoops!

    We wanted some Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs for a long time, but never got around to it. They’re so, so cute as piglets…

    When they’re full-grown… well…

  2. I love Fuck You Penguin. Thank you. I can’t be accused of sappiness when I’m being rude about the cute animals.

    Yeah, pot bellied pigs can be massive. Although maybe even cooler to walk a massive pig through NYC.

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