the Sheepist, Street Art from Prague to Budapest

The Sheepist in Budapest (bottom right)

To bring the arts journey back to Budapest, although in reverse order of how I came across them, I’ve noticed sheepheads pasted on the heavily tattooed walls of both cities. First I noticed the sheep with “je suis ceux que je suis” (I am who I am*) written across the eyes here in Budapest, in a corner next to an old synagogue.

Then I also saw him in Prague. The artist is French, and he certainly gets round his own country a fair amount: ParisLyon, Grenoble, etc., too.  I like how the heads pop out of the architecture rather discreetly. More of the artist’s work on his blog here, and an interview with him here.

More street art from Prague over on my photography/travel blog.

*Update: I have been told that “je suis” also means “I follow,” with all the implications that has about sheep following each other.

Near the Charles Bridge, Prague



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