To Create: Paul McCarthy’s Painter video

Is this a skewering the concept of the heroic male artist and a revolting use of media? Rather. McCarthy is known for that, as well as pushing the envelope of performance art and Santa Claus imagery. Generally I find his earlier work sickening. In this clip, I’m entranced and sympathetic and disgusted all at the same time. I identify with the painter. This video captures a sense of how it can be to try to create. To struggle with the beginnings of an idea.

Unfortunately, it kind of looks like me, stuck in a rut over this stupid paper I’m writing. Well, not quite like me. I don’t have ketchup or big hands. In fact, I’m much better looking. But it feels the same.

5 thoughts on “To Create: Paul McCarthy’s Painter video

  1. I did not like this clip. I did not like other things about Paul McCarthy that I watched after this clip. I do not think anyone should let this man near a video camera or other recording device ever again. In fact, I think he should be sentenced to house arrest for life and given no electronic objects at all.

    He should be allowed read. He should be allowed to write on the walls with his own bodily fluids. And everything else should be forbidden to him, just in case.

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