Lots of transitions this past week, from flying out of Mexico and landing in New York in the evening to the glimmer of city lights…

To a new (temporary) home by a different ocean in a rather chilly, wet climate….

Interspersed with lots of long subway rides…

Into Manhattan, which hasn’t changed a bit.

I’m going through a bit of reverse culture shock. Even now that I’ve gotten some clothes out of storage and settled into a new space and seen old friends, I still answer people with a “si” instead of a “yes” and am overwhelmed by the subway at rush hour. This week should be a bit easier, so hopefully I can tell you about my (incorrect) assumption that visiting the New Museum’s Skin Fruit exhibition would help me ease into things by reminding me how much I love the art scene here.

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  1. I will be very curious to see how long it will take you to catch up. It seems like I’ve spent more time than my bank account can afford trying to see everything I should and I know I’m only scratching the surface.

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