Voodoo Work Magic

I love my little voodoo office man. He’s been my cubicle mate for a few years now. He’s one of the things I was a little sad to pack up, along with my collection of Chinese Buddha figures. This was my last full week in the office. Next Wednesday is my last day and then I’m off. Rushed as everything has been, I’ve still had the time to get nostalgic over New York. For example, I took a cab through a McDonald’s drive thru last night. How amazing is that? And this morning I can see a water tower with an orange roof against the blue sky. I love being in the city.

That said, I’ve been itching to travel for the past year. I traveled a lot before settling in New York, and I didn’t realize when I took my first job that I really would have only two weeks vacation. With holidays and and family, two weeks goes quickly. Not to mention, one job leads to another… Next thing you know, years of your life have passed. Quitting may be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Being in an unknown place awakens me to my surroundings. It’s easier to notice the different patterns of life. New York isn’t going anywhere, but this is a great chance for me to explore and write. It sounds incredibly indulgent, but I’m proud of myself–even if my novel is utter crap.

And of course, I won’t miss these stacks of papers!

7 thoughts on “Voodoo Work Magic

  1. I moved out of the NYC area 24 years ago to Spain and, though very happy here, miss The City terribly. Your blog has been a very nice link and one that I enjoy greatly. But I am sure you will find the dramatic change of scene and clime to be very rewarding and stimulating and return with your love for NY even more invigorated. I look forward to reading travel blogs from you. Will they be on this same blog? And please … no more of this “utter crap” self-flagellating.

  2. I too look forward to seeing new places you travel and I am also with Lorenzo,
    “no more of this “utter crap” self-flagellating.”

    It has been wonderful seeing New York through your eyes, and ooh a drive through in a cab, what an indulgence lol!

    oh and yes, I am fascinated by the old water towers in this country, never saw them till I came to America.

  3. Well, even if this one is terrible, I’ve learned a lot in the process. The second one will be much better. But, first novels first.

    I’m so excited for a change, just to shake things up a bit. Thanks–everything will still be on this blog!!

  4. Lol,I saw the thumbnail pix and thought it was from the Tim Burton show. You must have a lot of self restraint unless the pins were removed for the photo. I’m glad we can continue to visit here for ongoing chapters in the Art novel 🙂

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